Create A Custom Unit

If you would like for The Mary Evelyn Collection to provide the hair, please add your desired bundles and closure/frontal to your cart to purchase.

*Enjoy $10 off your custom unit if you purchase hair from The Mary Evelyn Collection*

Recommended Number of Bundles:

2 bundles is sufficient for a closure unit using lengths of 14 in. and under.

2 bundles is sufficient for a frontal unit using lengths of 16 in. and under.

4 bundles is recommended for any unit using lengths over 24 in.

An additional fee of $15 will be applied to your total if you are providing the hair from another hair company.


Due to COVID-19, our processing times have been extended. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we must put our safety and clients' safety first. The processing time for this product is 15-20 business days. We will not be offering Rush Order Services during this time. 

Please note that due to the nature of this product being customized just for you, all sales are FINAL.

Please provide the following information below in an email to If you miss any of this information, your order may result in a delay. Shortly after, you will receive an invoice with your total. PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY!

**By submitting your order you are acknowledging that you have read and understand The Mary Evelyn Collection’s Policy**

  • Full Name
  • Email
    • Choose Type of Unit 
            • Closure Unit: $110
            • Frontal Unit: $110
    • Head Measurements 
    • **Please use a soft measuring tape for these measurements**

            • 1. Circumference:
            • 2. Front to Nape:
            • 3. Ear to Ear Across Forehead:
            • 4. Ear to Ear Over Top:
            • 5.Temple to Temple Around the Back:
            • 6. Nape of Neck:
    • Choose Primary Part
            • No Part
            • Middle Part
            • Right Part (Straight)
            • Left Part (Straight)
            • Right Part (Curved)
            • Left Part (Curved)
    • Choose Secondary Part
            • Middle Part
            • Right Part (Straight)
            • Left Part (Straight)
            • Right Part (Curved)
            • Left Part (Curved)
    • Hairline Customization
            • No Hairline Customization
            • Natural Hairline (No Baby Hairs)
            • Natural Hairline with Baby Hairs
    • Styling
            • Natural State (No Styling)
            • Bone Straight
            • Body Curls
            • Wand Curls
            • Half Up, Half Down
    • Hair Color
            • Natural Color
            • Jet Black: $55
    • Custom Color 
            • Pricing Varies
            • Attach photo of desired color
    • Lace Tint
            • No Tint
            • Butterscotch: $6
            • Fawn: $6
            • Pecan: $6
            • Cocoa Bean: $6
            • Mocha: $6
            • Deep Ebony: $6
    • Elastic Band
            • Yes, add an elastic band
            • No, don’t add an elastic band
    • Wig Combs
            • Yes, add 2 wig combs
            • No, don’t add 2 wig combs
    • Pre-Cut Lace
            • Yes
            • No
    • Additional Comments/Concerns